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The most Complete and Interactive World Atlas for Palm webOS devices.

Whatever you are a globe-trotter, VIP, student, ... , iWorld Atlas allows you to have where you are the most complete atlas of 11 continents, 5 oceans and the 224 countries  that have a political and economic activity.

iWorld Atlas features more than 7840 key facts and 460 large and high detailed maps..

In addition iWorld Atlas allows you to display :
- Large
map for each continent
World time zone
Description of Oceans  
- Country
physical map (elevation, ...)

- Country
political map (cities, ...)

Flag description, Coat of Arms and national motto for each country

- Google Map plugin
Conversion tables (weight, Lenght, Area, Speed, Sizes, ...)
- ... and much more ...

Using is very simple and immediat. Point a country then reach its 35  socio-economic indicators through 4 cards sets of themes through a very efficient screen layout.

  • Geography - Coordinates, Area, Elevation extremes (lowest and highest point), ...
  • Demography - Population, Median Age, Birth rate, Life expectancy, ...
  • Economiy - GDP per capita, Unemployment rate, Inflation rate, ...
  • Government - Capital, Official Languages, Government type, Independence, ...

The evaluation version features complete information of 45 countries.

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What's new ? - Updated description



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